Iain James Coleman is the Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for the City Centre Ward.

This is what he says about himself:-

I’m a science writer at the University of Edinburgh, with a background in space science research. I’m also involved in local business – my wife owns an independent bakery in the Old Town.

I’ve been a councillor before, so I know how to get things done to help local people. And I know how vital a well-run council is to everyone in the city. I want to see a vibrant, beautiful city centre that we can all be proud of, and I want to see Edinburgh continue to flourish with sound finances, cleaner streets, more jobs and better schools.

As a local councillor, I will champion the interests of everyone who lives and works in the city centre. I truly believe it to be the finest part of the finest city in the world, and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way.

Coleman also writes a blog here 

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