According to the many who tweeted about it, the Pedal on Parliament event attracted around 3,000 cyclists from all over. This was three times as many as the organisers expected. At the same time, 10,000 cyclist rode in London and a similar event took place in Rome in a bid to encourage governments to take steps which ensure safer streets for cyclists.


Pedal on Parliament say they were overwhelmed with the turnout and they have posted over 400 photos already on Flickr. 

Were you there? What did you think about it? Do you have any photos for us?


Our Photo today by Neil Davidson

Here is our Storify resume of the event….


  1. It was a great event, hopefully it has sent a loud clear message to those in power at Holyrood that there are votes in cycling and people want to see real change! Not more of the same on a reduced budget, which is what Keith Brown MSP is offering us at the present time.

  2. It was an incredible day from start to finish. The POP team did a superb job in writing a manifesto that is sensible and achievable and one Ian and I are pleased to support.
    It was first time we had been on bikes in over 3 years and was scarey and emotional.
    We both hope that it sees the start of many changes to make cycling a safer method of transport in Scotland.
    Our thanks to the POP team and to Lothian and Borders Police who looked after us so well.

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