The non party local cycling campaign group, SPOKES, is running a pre-election hustings tonight at Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge, and the doors open at 6.45p.m. We will be there to cover the event and bring you the important comments from the politicians involved. The speakers are expected to be as follows:-

  • Con – Councillor Cameron Rose [Spokes member]
  • Green – Councillor Steve Burgess [currently Green transport spokesperson]
  • Lab – Councillor Lesley Hinds [currently Labour transport spokesperson]
  • LibDem – Councillor Gordon Mackenzie [currently Edinburgh’s Transport Convener]
  • SNP – Councillor Alasdair Rankin

The format is slightly different as they plan to split into various groups and the candidates spend about 10 minutes in each group so we hope to be able to keep up with the fast pace! We will be using the hashtag #edincouncil unless anyone tells us otherwise, so if you can’t visit our coverage here then please follow us on Twitter. 

See below the LIVE screen for a copy of the SPOKES manifesto

Poster HustingsPosterMk3

SPOKES 2012 Election Manifesto FINAL

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