Some big new employers have arrived in Edinburgh, and maybe you fancy your chances at getting a job in one of the new high street shops. Retail is a competitive industry, so if you are looking to find a career in this sector then you need to maximise your chances by boosting your CV.

It is important to remember you are not going to be the only person applying for any job in retail, so try and keep your CV brief, but informative.

As a general rule, a CV should be no longer than two pages. Anything longer than this may be frustrating for employees to read and could appear repetitive or tiresome.

The first thing you should check when writing your CV is that it contains all the basic details. This includes your contact information, such as a telephone number, address and email, as well as details of your secondary education and employment history.

Make sure you begin with the most recent example of your employment history and work backwards chronologically. If you have a varied employment history, then don’t feel pressured into including every position you have ever worked in.

Simply include those which are the most recent and relevant – you can always talk about your other jobs in an interview to demonstrate your diversity and versatility.

Do not leave any unexplained gaps in your CV either, as this can make employers hesitant about hiring you.

Remember to include additional skills, qualifications and experiences that may help you to stand out from the crowd as well. Anything from first aid training to holding a valid driving licence can be considered an asset so make sure you include these where applicable.

Along with your CV, you should always provide a cover letter for any job application and this must be tailored to the position and company you are applying for.

Your cover letter should be no longer than a page and is your opportunity to address any gaps or potential weaknesses in your CV. Draw on the experience and skills listed in your CV and show an employer why you would be an asset to their business.

When applying for retail jobs, consider taking part in some volunteering to stand out from other applicants.

You could volunteer for a short period of time, such as a week, or longer if you prefer. This could be particularly beneficial for those looking for their first job as it is a way to show your enthusiasm for retail whilst boosting your CV.

In order to gain experience, you should visit your local charity shop. This shows an interest in that particular organisation, as well as in retail. Volunteering in these stores can equip you with basic retail skills, such as customer service and stock handling.

Volunteering offers the perfect stepping-stone to gaining a paid retail position and show employers that you are passionate for a career in this industry, making you a stronger candidate by boosting the experience listed on your CV.

Alongside this, you will also be helping the community – something which is rewarding in itself.