Scottish artists Elaine Speirs and Leesa Tulloch, who became friends when they were living in South Africa, have come together for the first time to show their new work at an exhibition in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Painter Elaine Speirs and photographer Leesa Tulloch met five years ago in Cape Town, where they were both living and raising their young children. Both women returned to Scotland in the last couple of years.

Between them they have seven daughters ranging in age from three to twelve. All seven girls feature regularly in both Elaine and Leesa’s work.

Elaine Speirs said:

“When you are an expatriate living in a foreign country, you cherish friendships with people from your homeland. Leesa and I have a great deal in common: not only were we expatriate Scots but we are both artists and the mothers of daughters.”

“I love being back in Edinburgh. Fitting in time at my studio around caring for my daughters means that, as an artist, I’m much more focussed and creative than I’ve ever been. Living in the centre of Edinburgh means that I can easily walk between school, home and my studio – something that just wasn’t possible for me in Cape Town, where there is more emphasis on the car.”


Leesa Tulloch added:

“I felt an instant connection with Elaine when we met in Cape Town. Her passion for painting mirrored my own passion for photography. Back then my photography was an attempt to document the precious moments of my daughters’ childhoods in relation to the world around them.”

“Since returning to Edinburgh, my new work has become concerned with capturing the beauty of my surroundings – which I am seeing with fresh eyes after time away from Scotland – and simplifying life within it. It’s wonderful to be home and to be exhibiting alongside Elaine for the first time.”

Elaine and Leesa’s new work will be on display at an exhibition at the WASPs studios in Patriothall, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. The exhibition runs from 19-29 November 2011 and will also host new work from artists Joyce Gunn Cairns and Kenneth Le Riche.