Big Dave from 4 Poofs and a Piano, has branched out this year into the Free Fringe for a good hearty camp sing-a-long show that will have you smiling and chuckling along the way. He started the run of this show in a very low-key way, without PR, to ‘test the waters’. From the packed house, people have certainly noticed, and have flocked to see him.

The format of the show is based around Dave singing accompanied by him playing a keyboard and  a computer jukebox. Its intention of being light, bubbly and fun amply fills its brief.

He takes you on a journey through his life using song as his aide and many people will recognize several of the tunes but with Dave’s own camp version of the lyrics. Additionally there are songs that he has composed over his many years entertaining with 4 Poofs and a Piano which ardent fans will recognize easily – ‘My Mate’s a Chav’ & ‘I ate all the Pies’ included!

His charm shines through in this 45 minute show  and for a first time solo act, it is a very good effort.

For a good light-hearted way to start your Fringe day, you have a limited time to see Big Dave’s Gay-B-C of Life. It is on at the Beehive Pub, Grassmarket, 1.10pm until 28th August.