This meditative theatre offering will leave you spaced out and yogic types will love it.

This was a production of high quality although it was one that the reviewer could not seem to connect with. As a result he left the venue with a question of “What was that all about?” ¬†ringing in his ears at the end of the show. There are several parts where the stage lights are turned off and the priest, later accused of heresy in the drama, leads a meditation for the entire room.

The show is based on four almost eccentric characters in four different decades in Venice telling their stories in parallel. It is, at times poetic, heavy going and ‘high brow theatre’. At ninety minutes long, it is not your usual one hourFringe show.

The large auditorium is very much needed for the play – a small one would just not work.

Untitled Love Story is on at St George’s West daily until the 29th (except 24th Aug)