A one kilometre clothesline was put up in Inverleith Park today and draped with clothes donated by locals. The event was organised  by door-to-door clothing company Clothes Aid, in order to raise funds for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

CHAS are the only providers of hospice services in Scotland for children with terminal illnesses. The event was also supported by Edinburgh MSP, Marco Biagi.

Locals showed their support with most of the clothesline filled between 11 and 4 this afternoon. The eye-catching display prompted many families and dog walkers to return with items to contribute.

Fundraising director, Roslyn Neely, said:- ” We are touched by the good hearts of people as the response has been fantastic. Small kids who have grown out of their clothes have come to donate and are having a lovely time hanging them up. It has captured the public’s imagination and the support has been very positive.”

Clothes Aid business manager, Michael Lomotey, said:- ” We have had spontaneous people going home to collect donations. There is a double benefit as they are also helping the environment and it’s a great way to help for people who may not be able to make money donations.”