As you can tell by all the signs going up in Edinburgh there are only a few more days to go now until the election campaign will be over. We caught up with a few Parliamentary candidates over this last week to ask how they think their own campaigns are going.

We are impressed with all of them for their stamina alone!

First of all we spoke with Shirley-Anne Somerville, former MSP, and SNP candidate for Edinburgh North & Leith.

Candidates & Campaigns – Shirley-Anne Somerville by PMStephen

We met with Sarah Boyack, who is the Labour candidate for Edinburgh Central. Sarah admitted there are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with anything else as well as campaigning!

Candidates & Campaigns 2 Sarah Boyack by PMStephen

Alison Johnstone is the Green list candidate who aims to replace Robin Harper who has now retired as an MSP. She was upbeat about her campaign.

Candidates & Campaigns 3 Alison Johnstone by PMStephen

David McLetchie is a former MSP who is campaigning in Edinburgh Pentlands

David McLetchie by PMStephen

Malcolm Chisholm is former MSP for Edinburgh North & Leith and he said:-“I have been talking to a large number of people, and I stick with the view I have already expressed that it will be close. I have enjoyed the campaign very much.”

Ewan Aitken is a city councillor and is standing for Labour in Edinburgh Eastern. He said:-“I would say that the campaign is going very well. Our vote remains strong and when those who are not yet decided are faced with the choice of a Government focused on independence by 2018 or on jobs, the economy and a future for young people, they go for us every time. I know that this constituency is very tight indeed but though we are not ahead, we are not behind either.”

Another councillor, Paul Godzik, is standing in Edinburgh Southern as a Labour candidate. He is also enjoying the campaign:-“”Labour has a fantastic team in Edinburgh Southern and we are getting a very positive response from voters. So many people across Edinburgh have been let down by the Lib Dems and are now switching to Labour.”

And we also snatched a moment or two of Iain McGill’s busy day to speak with him.

Iain McGill by PMStephen