Starring Siobhan Redmond The National Theatre of Scotland stages a  new play by David Greig from 13 May to 4 June 2011 at The Lyceum.

Macbeth is dead. Under cover of night, an English army has swept through the land, killed the tyrant and taken the seat of power.

Attempting to restore peace and put in place a new ruler, the commanding officer is beset by a brutal guerrilla uprising and simmering discontent amongst his own inexperienced troops. Struggling to grasp the alien customs and politics of this harsh country, he finds himself drawn towards the tyrant’s powerful widow in search of someone to share his burden of responsibility.

Increasingly isolated from his own men and Scottish allies alike, his efforts to restore order appear futile as the situation spins out of control. David Greig’s exhilarating play is a vision of one man’s attempt to restore peace in a country ravaged by war.

David is a multi award-winning Scottish playwright whose play with music Midsummer was a hit of the 2009 Edinburgh Festival. His work is regularly produced by the National Theatre of Scotland with his new version of Peter Pan touring the UK in 2010. His most recent production for the RSC was The American Pilot.

This production is being directed by Roxana Silbert, and you can watch an interview with her here