Edinburgh dream quintet ‘The Machine Room’ are one year old exactly. Influenced equally by the tight robotic DMX / Linn Drum hits of “New Order” and the Jangly Pre- Britpop wonder of “The House of Love”, they are ethereal, vulnerable and strikingly Pop all at once.

Retro pads, modern arpeggios, hooky bass and beautiful guitar lines set the backdrop for John Bryden’s falsetto delivery and honest lyrics which pack a brutal love punch.

…”this world is so cruel when I’m not feeling romantic”….

The band spent the latter half of 2009 working with Record Producer Stephen Watkins on their debut E.P.

‘Girly’ , the band’s first release is out May 23rd as part of TAPE singles club.
Members of the band are Tom Adam , John Bryden, Adie Emanuel, Scott Hitchings and Ryan Marinello.

‘Girly’ (Tape Singles Club clip) by the machine room