The Scottish Conservatives have announced that they want a £200 Council Tax discount for all pensioner households in Scotland.

Speaking on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, where she was joined by top ranked Glasgow candidate Ruth Davidson, Annabel Goldie, Scottish Conservative Leader, said:

“The Council Tax freeze has been a great help to families with their household bills, which is why it was only delivered with Scottish Conservative support. Our fully costed plans include an extension of the freeze until at least 2013.

“However, there is one section of society for whom we can do more. Our senior citizens. These are people who have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes and raised their families.

“So we will introduce a £200 Council Tax cut for all pensioner households in Scotland. Not just for one year, but for every year.

“These plans have been fully costed as part of our comprehensive four year spending plans and therefore won’t require pensioners to go through yet another means test.

“It is common sense to help our pensioners with their Council Tax bills and Scottish Conservatives will do just that. Every voter in every seat in every region of Scotland can use the peach ballot paper to vote for these common sense policies on May 5th.”