One of Edinburgh’s most entertaining fundraising events, the Meadows Marathon, is set to take place on the 6th of March, and there are many novel ways people are hoping to raise extra donations and awareness for their various causes this year.

Behind the wall of serious runners that take front place at the start of the half-marathon race, there is always a sea of instantly recognisable costumes put together by people hoping to raise extra sponsorship in fancy dress.  Many favourites have emerged throughout the years; the Avatars inspired by the popular film, the Loch Ness monster keeping Scottish tradition alive on the track, the chicken and the egg (bet now you’re wondering which came first, aren’t you?) and the children’s t.v-show inspired Smurfs because…well, it’s just not dressing up if there isn’t a Smurf, is it?

While the fancy dress will always be the one of the most-popular ways of publicising fundraising efforts, a lot of societies from the University of Edinburgh have been in touch with the Meadows Marathon committee to let them know that this year, they’re going to do something a little bit different.

Firstly, a returning act ready to take on a mighty challenge once again – the Water Aid society have elected to walk the course carrying tanks of water in aid of their namesake charity.  This year the society will walk 10k carrying 10litres of water, hoping to demonstrate the daily struggle to access water faced by millions of people worldwide.  The money raised by the 9 volunteers taking on this challenge will all go to international charity Water Aid, who aim to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene education in some of the world’s poorest communities.

The Graham Layton Trust society are new to Edinburgh University this year, but they have certainly been quick off the mark to get their message out there.  The society promote the work of the Graham Layton Trust and its sister charity in Pakistan, in order to provide eye treatments for those who cannot afford it.  In order to raise awareness for their cause, members of the society will be walking blindfolded around the course with guides.  The society have said of their aim that ‘we aim to show how easy it is to restore an individual’s livelihood by giving them back their sight, and how little it costs to do this’.

SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) are living up to their name this year and, yes, you guessed it, skipping around the Meadows!  Armed with skipping ropes and their desire to support vulnerable children around the world, they will raise sponsorship and awareness by joining our other student charities in doing something a bit different for Marathon day.  SKIP Edinburgh is a society for healthcare students who run research projects in order to help vulnerable children, and next year are hoping to send volunteers to help at an orphanage for boys with disabilities in Moldova.

So that’s a run-down on what spectators on Marathon day can look out for; it is certainly gearing up to be Edinburgh’s most entertaining running event.  In addition, the Ballroom Dance Society will be waltzing around the course to add a bit of rhythm to the event.  The Edinburgh Reporter would like to wish all the charity fundraisers attending the Marathon the best of luck, as would the Meadows Marathon committee.

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