ESPC has signed up to support the Meadows Marathon on the 6th March.

The Meadows Marathon is organised by students from the University of Edinburgh and participants can choose to take part in a half marathon or 5km race (the marathon title is purely for alliteration rather than perspiration). The race started in 2006 and last year over 1,000 runners took part, raising over £50,000 for various charities.

The event has a strong following among the student population of Edinburgh but is looking to attract more participants from the wider Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife community.

ESPC Marketing Manager, Neil Harrison explains how this deal came about, “A member of the marketing team saw details of the event on Twitter and discovered that this great event was happening in March.

With the event looking to grow, attract more participants and raise more money for charity, a quick chat with the Meadows Marathon team identified that there was an opportunity to use the ESPC showroom, weekly paper, website and contacts to help raise the profile of the event. One brief e-mail round the ESPC staff found 5 people who had not heard of the race but are signing up to take part. We are hopeful that in working together we can introduce this event to many more people.”

Director of Meadows Marathon, Rachel Shaw says “The Meadows Marathon is a fun, friendly and worth while event! The event supports local charities, involves the local community and is organized by students; it really does bring everyone together. Enter the run to stay fit and help a good cause or simply join us on the sidelines to take in the entertainment and cheer…there’s only one place you should be on March 6th.”

During 2011, ESPC is running an initiative called ‘Moving with ESPC’ where they are looking to help promote events, initiatives, campaigns or anything else that encourages the good people of East Central Scotland to keep their bodies and minds moving.

ESPC are at the forefront of property sales. One of their principal claims is:-“ESPC solicitor estate agents sell more property in East Central Scotland than any other estate agent.”