Starting a family-run coffee shop is probably on the bucket list for many gourmets, especially those who like new challenges and independent initiatives.  Ex-pat Polish woman, Agnieszka Hirszfeld, is one of them. She has lived in the UK for seven years, and eventually decided to start her own business with   help from her partner and her daughter. Now that she can have some respite from the numerous logistical and organizational issues she is able to start doing what she was looking forward to the most: creating the new snacks, drinks and meeting the local community.

Hirszfeld continued:-“So far, we have a wide range of the wholesome and fresh products, like sandwiches, salads or soups. We wanted to focus on Mediterranean cuisine, although we consider introducing some Scottish and Polish dishes too. As the mother of a small baby, I am aware of the busy lifestyle of  other young mums, so we might offer some baby meals in the near future”

The Agoo Café has opened its doors this week.

“Certainly at first it was a quite stressful event, but soon I realized how fantastic is to have your own coffee shop. It is so rewarding and exciting!”, the owner told the Edinburgh Reporter.
You can visit Agoo café and treat yourself to the freshly made goodies, taking a walk to 52 Rodney Street. Yum!


  1. A lovely team of coffee devotees! Friendly and very helpful staff who were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their freshly made edibles. I’m not often in this part of Edinburgh, but when I am from now on, I’ll be coming here for my breakfast. Delicious!
    Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

  2. If your a coffee lover and are looking for somewhere in the Broughton area to go, try Maria’s kitchen on Rodney street. Best coffee i’ve ever tasted!! Very reasonable with their prices and the food is fantastic too.

  3. Heather, if your idea of good coffee is drinking swamp water then Maria’s may be good. However, after trying both when opened and then another visit later to make sure I can assure you Agoo make the best by a mile. Plus they don’t give you a hard time AND they use gloves when preparing your food unlike Maria’s…

  4. Mark you are 100% right there. I think that every one prefer tasty and healthy food. I agree that the best place on Rodney Street is AGOO CAFE !!

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