From as early as Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the late nineteenth century, interdisciplinary practice has prevailed without any significant critical or theoretical recognition.

As interdisciplinary practice has become more prominent within the wider creative landscape, there has been an increase in critical writing and discourse about it. Terms such as Designart, for example, coined by the art critic Alex Coles in 2001, to explicate the ever-increasing relationship between design and fine art practice.

Using this relationship as its genesis, the exhibition summary of BLURRED BOUNDARIES was deliberately left open to prompt progressive interpretation, thus enabling the exhibition to evolve organically over time.

BLURRED BOUNDARIES explores and expands upon this topical and contemporary discourse through a group exhibition focussing on creative practices which challenge the perceived traditional parameters of their own specialised discipline.

Concerning both the individual – whose practice takes influence from multi-disciplinary approaches, processes and methodologies, and the collaborative – projects that comprise the input of several creative backgrounds which result in one end outcome, BLURRED BOUNDARIES!

BLURRED BOUNDARIES aims to create not just a physical space, but also a space for reflection and cross-fertilisation between the different worlds and working methods developing at a time when the distinction between creative disciplines is increasingly blurred. The project is rooted in a strong, yet open, idea of the contemporary, allowing creative disciplines to chime together in new ways.

The exhibition will include:- a written work by Laura Edbrook which challenges the notion of writing as an art form in its own right (writing and art), Murray J Ferguson (sculpture, design and photography), Liam Golden (collaborative practice), prototype furniture by Scott Laverie (design and art), Ailsa Lochhead (art, design, interior, pattern and performance), sculpture by Rob Mulholland exploring the tension between pure aesthetics and function, Susie Olczak (photography, sculpture and architecture) and Ailie Rutherford (art, urban design and collaborative practice).

A new site-specific collaborative work by Liam Golden and Susie Olczak has been commissioned for the exhibition. A limited edition publication will also coincide with the exhibition.

Exhibitors: Laura Edbrook, Murray J Ferguson, Liam Golden, Scott Laverie, Ailsa Lochhead, Rob Mulholland, Susie Olczak, Ailie Rutherford Curator: Robby Ogilvie

15 – 21 January, 2011, 11-6 pm Preview: Friday 14, 6-8 pm
The Old Ambulance Depot, 77 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh

[googleMap name=”The Old Ambulance Depot” width=”400″ height=”400″ directions_to=”false”]77 Brunswick Street Edinburgh[/googleMap]