This exhibition runs till 27th November 2010 at Bourne Fine Art

Oscar Marzaroli’s livelihood was as a film-maker and alongside this he recorded Glasgow’s evolution from being the second city of the empire in the 19th century through urban decay to the urban regeneration of the 1960s. He took the city’s workers, its street life, shipyards and steelworks and its children and the study of childhood as his subject.

Marzaroli engaged with his subject in a way his predecessors hadn’t and most of his contemporaries didn’t. His ‘eye’ was not voyeuristic, it is clear he moved amongst his subjects as an equal, a participant and not a ‘privileged tourist’. Leaping from the print comes resilience, defiance and the adaptability of youth and its changing environment.

In association with Marzaroli’s estate, Bourne Fine Art are presenting a selling exhibition of 30 vintage prints covering the years 1958-1968.

The works for sale in this exhibition are original vintage prints made by Oscar Marzaroli. By the nature of the development process, please note that there is a degree of variance in size, exposure and the type of paper onto which each picture is printed. No two prints are exactly the same.

All works featured are also available in a new limited edition of twenty.

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