images_east-coast-logo_1For anyone who has ever subscribed to the wifi on the East Coast line you will know that it is intermittent, but at least when it is there it helps you to work productively whilst travelling. It is no secret that The Reporter is a huge fan of anywhere with free wifi – so much so that we have our own directory of places with wifi in Edinburgh which you can access here.

Trains ought to be the cost-effective environmentally-friendly alternative to flying from Edinburgh to London. Unfortunately they are not – and now they seem to be nailing another 6-inch nail in their own coffin.

Today they are sending out a friendly wee note to anyone registered with them to tell them that not only can they pay through the nose for their fares, they can now pay for the wifi. The East Coast line has already been taken back under Government ownership since they could not turn a decent profit.  One reason might be that they charge far too much for the privilege of travelling to London, thus putting customers off – and now they want the people who do use them to buy the wifi along with their cup of tea……that is if they can serve you tea. On one journey from King’s Cross the trolley came along – but the operator could not serve tea – as they had not yet been given the relevant training…….

Yes it beggars belief. And so does charging for wifi when it should be free.