There are other exhibitions for which you have to pay, although you can get round that by becoming a member. There are more details about that on the website. One of the best parts of any gallery visit is the shop, which in the case of The National Gallery is fabulous, and the other is food. The Scottish Cafe at The National Gallery has recently been taken over by Victor Contini of Centotre fame. This cafe is not only in a beautiful location, but the food is delicious – and they have free wifi – something The Reporter loves.

We have already highlighted the exhibition about the Printmaker’s Art, and Ali George reviews the Diane Arbus exhibition below.

Other exhibitions include Dance which runs from 24 April to 6 June, and is a celebration of dance in different styles and media. There is a Degas and a Picasso…..

Elsewhere in the city The Portrait Gallery is undergoing major renovation works which will not be complete for another two years. If you want to know how that is progressing then read the Heads Up blog at

At The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art which is on Belford Road there is a great opportunity to see some of the Scottish Colourists’ work, such as Peploe (one of The Reporter’s favourites!) and Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Sailing Dinghy. There is a separate exhibition of Finlay’s work with his collaborator Pamela Campion, in the Keiller Library at the Dean Gallery opening on 25 April and running till 13 June.

Introducing art to the very young is often a slow process, but the National Galleries have devised a Family Trail to encourage this, involving the characters Katie and Sylvia the Dragon.

One of the up and coming events is the Adult Learners’ Week from 15-21 May when free tours of the Artists Rooms can be arranged for groups.

More details of what is on can be found on the website

Details of how to use the number 13 bus service which links all the galleries is on the bus website.