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Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 2015 – Rap Guide to Climate Chaos interview

Rap Guide To Climate Chaos. Baba Brinkman explains why building an Ark is not an option.2014’s Fringe welcomed the return of Vancouver, verse-wrangling hip-hop muse maneuverer, Baba Brinkman, reprising his highly acclaimed 2004 Canterbury Tales Fringe...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 – Rap Guide To Climate Chaos

...and finally, the weather - Tempest in a teacup or a poisoned chalice?SoHo Playhouse presentsRap Guide to Climate ChaosWritten and performed by Baba BrinkmanDirected by Darren Lee Cole Back yet again to the Athens...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe INTERVIEW – Hedluv and Passman

Hedluv and Passman: Doin' it Dreckly, Gilded Balloon 10:30pm, until 25 Aug, £11/10 (£9/8 concessions)"In Cornwall they regard themselves as modern day folk heroes. But the moment they cross the border they become... a...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Off The Top *****

The conceit of this midday free-Fringe show was a fusion of both scripted and improvised sketches, lap-top Rap-lab experimentation and geek heaven brain-pan fried gookiness. The show's title punningly playing on 'off the cuff'...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Baba Brinkman – The Groover From Vancouver With His Muse...

A Rap Guide To Religion/The Rap Canterbury Tales/Off The TopWith Canadian, Baba Brinkman, about to Fringe premiere his deity defying show A Rap Guide To Religion, it may be apposite to recall Voltaire's deliciously...


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