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Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2019 – the Loony Dook – were you mad enough?

Those who were brave enough gathered on the shore at South Queensferry earlier today to brave the chilly waters of the Firth of Forth for the Loony Dook all part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. 1,100 ‘Dookers’...

Letter from Scotland

The New Year came in with a bang and a large moon.  The bang came from Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay fireworks and the moon was a Super Moon, 14 per cent bigger than normal and...

Five things you need to know this New Year’s Day

1999 Scottish Cabinet Records released today Free tickets for Edinburgh's Christmas PlayTalkRead has a bumper year Community Food Projects to get help in 2015 Loony Dook at South Queensferry Files opened for the first time at the National Records...

The Loony Dook 2014 needs a sponsor

 The Loony Dook takes place in South Queensferry on 1 January 2015. It is a hugely successful and popular event, but it desperately needs a sponsor who would give their name to the event...


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