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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021 – Leo Kearse – Cancel Culture ★★★★

"Enough snowflakes can create an avalanche!" comes the rallying cry of the disparate "Communities" drawn together under the Sun-averse parasol of Identity Politics/Social Justice Warriors (have keyboard will tantrum).Problem with avalanches is that...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 – Leo Kearse: Right Wing Comedian

Pravda @ Espionage | 2 - 27 (not 14) @ 7.30pm Scottish Comedian of the Year Leo Kearse rips into liberals in his follow up to last year's sellout hit I Can Make You Tory. He takes a...

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 – Leo Kearse: I Can Make You Tory

Sick of sanctimonious lefties lecturing you about global warming, Jeremy Corbyn and sexism? No?Award-winning comedian Leo Kearse has betrayed his Scottish upbringing and hippy parents and now slaughters liberal sacred cows with razor sharp...


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