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Letter from Scotland

We Scots used to call it “the fall” until the Americans took possession of the phrase. The real Scots word “hairst” or harvest time is better. But actually “autumn” is the best of all,...

Lagavulin Islay Jazz Festival 2016 (and why you might plan to go next year)

‘Two of these musicians are Jazz Festival virgins…’ And they aren’t the only ones…  I had never even been to Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides, never mind its annual whisky-fuelled festival. And now here...

Holyrood approves tidal stream project

The world's largest tidal stream energy array will be built in the Sound of Islay following approval by the Scottish Government.ScottishPower Renewables £40 million tidal array development will harness the power of the Sound...


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