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Goodbye Guardian Edinburgh

All of us in Edinburgh, Leeds and Cardiff have become very used to the sight of the tweets, the retweets, the informative articles and guest posts, as well as the familiar sight of the...

Trams or what?

The word “trams” has a special meaning to the people of Edinburgh. For more than a decade now the tram project has been the topic of many heated discussions and debates. In the last...

Edinburgh Reporter chats : Michael MacLeod Guardian Beatblogger

Michael MacLeod is the Beatblogger for the Guardian Edinburgh blog. You might think he is very young to have this position, but as soon as you have spoken to him for a while you...

NaNoWriMo – The Story So Far

The Nano Beans group reserves tables for regular write-ins at Edinburgh's numerous coffee shops...“So, how’s nana-rama going?” my sister now asks me on a daily basis. She is not referring to my latest musical project...


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