Innovation and the wide range of tools to attract customers and then retain them pose a great challenge to marketing specialists and business owners. The classical tricks and forms of advertising have become tedious, making customers rather irritated than encouraged to use the service or buy the product. One of the recent ideas is to use games as a form of entertainment and marketing activity to raise brand awareness. London game developers are ready to transform the imagination into reality to help businesses grow and bloom. What is the impact of the UK’s gaming industry on the Global Market?

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Games as a part of the marketing mix 

Without a doubt, creative ways to raise awareness of a brand, reach potential customers, and retain them are mostly valued nowadays, as the old methods have become outdated and worn out. The decision to start using games as a new form of marketing may seem difficult at the beginning, but it may be much easier to make it when the benefits of using games are clear. 

It is enough to start with advertising as part of the marketing mix. It is hard to imagine an easier method of informing people about new products in an indirect way. It may be a successful and original part of a marketing campaign, leaving a mark in customers’ memories and creating a positive experience for the users. 

Customers without the feeling of being forced to share their data are more willing to do it, so through in-game advertising, business owners can learn something about their potential clients.

With an emphasis on education, games can also teach children or adults about any chosen subject. It may also be connected with the product or service; for example, a game pointing to the pollution problem can lead players to the producer of biodegradable trash bags.  

One of the most popular uses of games and apps is smart monetisation, including in-app purchases, ads, or subscriptions. With recognised and experienced game developers UK has to offer, the experience with games can lead to big marketing success for businesses. 

Positive impact on the economy and job market 

The revenue of mobile gaming may be surprisingly high, with an expected 4% growth in 2024 to $111.4, as predicted by Consumers are more and more willing to buy games, with the shift from PC games to mobile phones and consoles, with sales being the driver of consumer spending.

The increase in sales of hardware, software, and in-game purchases can also be observed, as the more players are engaged in the gaming experience, the more comfortable they want it to become. The consequence of the growing popularity of games is the increasing demand for gaming accessories and services.

As a result, we can talk about the increase in job offers, as there are over 24 million people already working in the gaming industry. The job postings may include a wide range of activities, starting with assembly line workers, through sellers, to game developers.

Technological advancements

With the booming gaming industry, we have to expect constant changes, modifications, and innovations, as some solutions will require them after a period of testing, some will simply run out, and others will not be suitable for the requirements of some companies. Whatever the reason for the further work will be, it will induce innovation and advancements, permanently altering the whole industry.

The modifications may include hardware, software, and user experience, forcing the gaming development teams to constantly stay careful of the rapidly changing moods. The experts will also challenge themselves to improve the previously created products to make the gaming experience even more engaging. 

The constant need for something creative and innovative has already resulted in cutting-edge graphics engines, virtual reality headsets, and cloud gaming opportunities as the answer to the demand of players. The use of technological advancements in the gaming industry will not be limited to this category, extending their reach to education, healthcare, training, and other parts of human lives.

Changing entertainment trends

The visible trend of media consumption through gaming experiences has led to the expansion of games, even on movie streaming platforms. The audience no longer wants to be the silent observers anymore, but they want to influence the characters; they want to interact with them rather than cheer for them.

The trend started some years ago when the gaming reality was transformed into successful movies and books. The result that games will have on entertainment is the blurred border between different genres and ways of spending free time. 

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