Of course, some bettors play in bookmakers just for fun, however most of them wants to earn money. In most cases it’s impossible without using of an effective betting system. In our today’s article we’ll discuss one of such systems – surebets, which already helps thousands of punters to beat the bookies.

What are surebets?

Surebets arise when a bettor can place multiple bets on a single sports event across different bookmakers in a way that guarantees a profit, regardless of the outcome. 

This situation arises when the odds offered by different bookmakers for all possible outcomes of an event create a discrepancy that allows the bettor to cover all possible results and still make a profit. Winning every surebet makes it stand out from other effective betting strategies like positive EV bets, which bring profit only in the long run.

If you want to know more about positive EV betting, read the following article here: https://www.betburger.com/blog/what-is-ev-betting-expected-value 

Surebet Example

Let’s consider a hypothetical example of a surebet using a simple scenario with two bookmakers and a tennis match between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The odds for each player to win are as follows:

BC1: ND win – 1.81, RN win – 2.20;  BC2: ND win – 2.09, RN win – 1.70.

Here we can see an obvious surebet opportunity between RN win from BC1 and ND win from BC2. Suppose we want to place 300 euros on each of these outcomes – in this case, we’ll get:

300 * 2.20 – 600 = 60 euros or 300 * 2.09 – 600 = 27 euros 

As you may see, we can earn at least 27 euros from one surebet opportunity. Suppose you’ll place 5-6 such surebets a day – you can simply calculate the potential income.

How to find surebets: two main ways

Nowadays there are to ways of searching for surebets in bookmaker lines. The first one – manual search, which include analyze of bookmakers lines in all kind of sports, leagues and events. The next step here is to calculate thousands of outcomes in order to identify surebets.

This way of searching is not so popular among bettors due to the following reasons:

  • It takes much time to find and calculate necessary bets;
  • Surebets are relatively rare so it’s hard to find them;
  • This strategy typically involves quick action, as bookmakers adjust odds in response to betting activity.

Due to all above-mentioned facts, much bettors prefer the second way of searching: with a help of surebet services. The aim of such services is to analyse betting lines of many bookmakers in dozens of sports and thousands of events. The next step is providing the results in a list of fresh surebets for customers.

Which scanner is better to choose for surebetting?

Nowadays we can surely call BetBurger one of the leading surebet services. Among the main pros of the scanner is the fast scanning speed, great choose of bookmakers (300+), sports (44), markets (250+), and great additional functionality.

Moreover, when the customer buy subscription for BetBurger – he or she get’s two powerful tools at once – surebets and positive ev bets. It’s highly increases a possible profit from punters work.

Surebet calculator, hide menu, redirects to bookies websites, accounting tool, close odds feature – all these and many other functionality surebettors can find at this service for comfortable work with surebets. Also, if you want to know more about surebets – you can visit Help Center section on the BetBurger website, and find out all the necessary information, sure betting tips and tricks.


When we’re talking about the effective betting strategies – surebets can be surely represented in theirs list. However your learn as much as possible about this betting systems before starting to operate with – it will help to increase your potential earnings.


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