The star and co-writer of the Emmy and Bafta award-winning TV series ‘Smack The Pony’ is bringing her show to Monkey Barrell next week.

Fiona’s latest show, ‘On The Run,’ takes the audience through her warm, engaging, and humor-filled journey to the stand-up stage. Delving into topics such as family, marriage, sex robots, passive-aggressive school moms, and supermarket dress codes, Fiona shares her recent experiences.

Born with itchy feet, Fiona left her hometown of Bury as a teenager for the vibrant city lights of Manchester, eventually becoming part of the Tony Wilson empire at the Hacienda Nightclub and Factory Records. Upon deciding to pursue acting, she moved to London and quickly gained recognition, winning two Emmy Awards as the star and co-writer of the influential all-female sketch show ‘Smack the Pony.’

Her life took a turn when she met and married Mike, the son of the late Sir Michael Parkinson, and had three kids in five years. Juggling work, kids, and marriage, Fiona, now with a bit of breathing room as the kids are somewhat housetrained, contemplates what she wants for herself. However, her chronic itchy feet and a distractible attention span lead her to embark on a new adventure – going ‘On the Run.’

As a working mom, Fiona reflects on the challenges of doing something for herself, considering her spirit animal is a sloth and people generally annoy her. Choosing between cage fighting and stand-up, she opted for the latter, spending the past few years perfecting her style in the UK’s clubs. Now, she’s prepared to share her experiences on the road, from the glamour of motorway services to the challenges of finding parking in town centers.

The show explores Fiona’s musings on motherhood, navigating parenting theories and dealing with passive-aggressive school moms. She shares the stresses of being a wife to a man who struggles with the washing machine and introduces the audience to her Northern Dad, hilarious Spanish Mum, and older sister whom she seems to irritate just by breathing.

‘On the Run’ poses questions about why stand-up became Fiona’s road to freedom instead of yoga, swimming, or the gym. It delves into why nights under canvas or weekends away aren’t suitable for someone easily annoyed by others and how being averse to group activities limits enjoyable hobbies. The show carries no agenda other than proving to Fiona that she can concentrate on one thing and stay in the same place for an hour.

Fiona Allen: On The Run is at Monkey Barrell on 27 February

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