John Cooper Clarke is back, returning with a brand new tour and poetry collection this year. John will be performing at Queen’s Hall in on 12th & 13th April 2024. 

The new show will be a different one of a kind journey featuring poetry and comedy. His live touring schedule took him to the States recently but now he is back home selling out theatres and halls all over the country.

Cooper Clarke is regarded as one of the world’s most entertaining spoken word artists “at his bold and brilliant best”.

WHAT’ is the new collection from Britain’s “Poet Laureate of Punk” and will be published on 8th February to coincide with John’s 2024 national theatre tour celebrating 50 years of showbiz. From creating some of the best loved poetry of the modern era, including “I Wanna Be Yours” (recently celebrating over a billion streams in its incarnation as a hit record by the Arctic Monkeys) to sharing his life story through his 120k selling memoir of the same name, John is still as relevant as he was when he shot to prominence in the 1970s. 


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