Activists say they have on Monday “shut down” the Edinburgh-based Leonardo UK, which they claim is “responsible for manufacturing the laser targeting systems of Israel’s fighter jets”.

The members of Palestine Action Scotland say they have scaled, commenced occupation of, and are “dismantling the premises”.

The group claim to have” “immobilised the site and halted operations, in accordance with Palestinian calls for the end to the arming of Israel”.

A Leonardo Spokesperson said: “This morning a small group of protestors entered the Leonardo site in Edinburgh and were quickly removed. Together with the authorities, we are keeping our people fully informed.“

A statement from Palestine Action Scotland said: “Leonardo UK’s “high energy military laser” targeting systems, fitted to Israel’s F-35’s and manufactured in the factory on Ferry Road, are being used to direct bombings of hospitals, schools, and key infrastructure. As the death toll of Palestinians in Gaza tops 11,000, activists have this morning reminded Leonardo of the blood on their hands, and will maintain occupation of the factory for as long as is possible, to render it incapable of providing more weaponry to Israel.”

This is not the first time that Palestine Action have entered the Leonardo premises, and the group says this campaign against the Italian weapons giant represents the “continued expansion of Palestine Action’s remit”.

Leonardo Building Crewe Rd North was broken into and occupied on the morning of 13 November by Palestine Action Scotland. PHOTO Alan Simpson
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