A six figure investment has been made in buying the latest hardware and software applications to offer a range of surgical and cosmetic treatments, and also cover same day treatment.

Having already become one of the most digitised dental surgeries in Scotland in 2021, with a £250,000 investment in the very latest 3D intra-oral scanning technology, First Alba Healthcare is going even further to provide patients with the most up to date, innovative treatments and services.

The business, which is owned by Scottish dentist Dr Rami Sarraf, and has two dental practices in Dundee, together with sister practices in Newburgh, Forfar and Kinross, is spending another £600,000 on a range of equipment. This will include a 3D Einstein Printer, three Fatona lasers, bite recognition software, ModJaw, plus two VHF Milling Machines. Using CAD (Computer aided design software).

Fatona lasers can be used for both surgical and cosmetic work, whilst ModJaw will enable a patient’s bite to be modified and corrected.

Dr Rami Sarraf said: “We are delighted to announce another major technological investment by our dental business in both hardware and software applications which not only place us at the forefront of modern Scottish dental practices, but will make a huge practical difference to the services we offer our patients, cutting down waiting time for crowns, bridges and so on, whilst enabling patients to instantly see what a new smile will look like with superior “before and after” imaging.

“This is “serious kit” we have purchased, having been carefully researched and sourced. Clearly it comes at a very significant price to the business, an investment of over half a million pounds, but this is one we feel is very much worth making as we push forward with ensuring First Alba Healthcare is the very best it can be. We want to care for existing patients in the best possible way, attract new ones, and attract and retain the very best staff to work and train here too, including dental graduates who are training in our digital scanning technology.

“We had planned to start introducing a range of new technology at each of our five surgeries before covid struck, and had actually purchasing one scanner at the end of 2019.

“We received fantastic feedback from both patients and the dental staff using that very first scanner, so it was fantastic to obtain more in 2021, and now fully realise our plan to make the business one of the most digitised dental surgeries in Scotland, certainly the most digitised in Tayside.”

The wide ranging new equipment First Alba Healthcare now has brings with it many significant benefits to patients, including a quicker, more comfortable experience, together with a greater understanding by the patient of what is being done to their teeth and gums, considerably aiding communication between them and the dentist in moving forward with future dental care.

In terms of environmental impact, manufacturing appliances on site has a much lower carbon footprint then sending out to labs. The amount of clinical waste generated in making appliances is also greatly reduced.

Dr Sarraf employs a team of 45 staff and associates at his five practices which are run along with his wife, Dr Ewa Plewa Sarraf, who is also a dentist.

The couple have grown First Alba Healthcare since they moved to Scotland from Nottingham in 2009, beginning with 1,600 registered patients to around 40,000 patients in total, a mix of NHS and private. Many of their staff have been with them since the very beginning.

Dr Sarraf has now decided to step away from day to day practice, and will be moving overseas to head up Research and Development, investigating the very latest global dental breakthroughs.

“Being partially based overseas in Dubai, and splitting my time between there and Scotland, will put us even in an even better position to introduce more technology in the near future.

“In the circles in which I’m going to be mixing, I’ll be at the very centre of innovation and will be able to ensure that my practice remain ahead of the curve.

“I’m also more than willing to advise other dental practices in Scotland on how they can introduce the correct technology, and indeed, how they can train their staff on it.

Dr Sarraf is an active contributor on dental matters to several media titles, providing both advice and industry comment articles.

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