The cycling gardeners are launching the new gardening season, complete with new equipment loaded on the electric cargo bikes that the gardeners use each day.

Callum Ross, director said:  “We looked at what was going on around us and how industries are changing, and how we could face the logistical challenges of working as gardeners in the city and the solution was obvious! Ditch the van and get on a bike. We have not looked back since.”We love city centre gardens including tenement back greens. Traffic and parking don’t get in our way and our new electric kit means it’s light and easy to carry through houses and stairwells. All of our staff are experienced, horticulturists. We have a great mix of backgrounds and skills with the knowledge and experience for any garden situation.”

Jake Randall, Cycling Gardener said: ‘Every day is different, it’s fresh air with great and interesting exercise and enjoyable work,’

Angela Purdie, Cycling Gardener client: ‘We love the concept and seeing the gardeners pull up on the bikes, they also provide great service and really know their stuff.’

The Cycling Gardeners of Edinburgh is a new small business with an innovative concept The business has reinvented the way gardeners operate and now has a reliable process which is both green and ethically minded. 

Originally a group of independent gardeners came together during the pandemic to grow Andrew James Gardens Ltd, operating within the standard gardening business model with vans and petrol power tools.

They quickly realised that many garden companies did not want to take on small garden maintenance jobs in the city centre because of traffic and parking issues.

AJ Gardens also found it was hard to make these jobs profitable, but quickly realised that there was a gap in the market. By swapping to cargo bikes it was easier and quicker to get around town, with no parking issues and a much more efficient and greener way to operate. 

The Cycling Gardeners was born and has steadily grown with a clientele built on word of mouth through a reputation as an experienced and reliable gardening company. 

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