Russia has invaded Ukraine and has been bombing cities and killing civilians on a daily basis since. As many as a million people have been forced out of their homes, and many more have been left homeless. Every country is looking at each other to see how the other come up to provide singular or united helpto the Ukrainians, in this regard it is being asked repeatedly, “What is Scotland doing to help Ukrainian refugees?”

Photo by Max Kukurudziak on Unsplash

Scotland’s Support for Ukraine

There is a lot of effort going on in Scotland and beyond to provide united help to those in Ukraine. There are ways to donate which range from setting up drives for donating money for the displaced Ukrainians to providing free and open access to the atrocities being committed by Russian propaganda against Ukraine.

In the Shape of Unfiltered Information Access

Russia’s crimes and blatant lies are covered up, and the public is denied access to the truth. If you’re looking for reliable information, you’ll want to turn to independent sources. People living in certain countries may be unable to access them. The aggressor’s allies are particularly vulnerable to this. In this case of electronic propaganda, united help comes in the form of VPNs. Use a virtual private network (VPN) like VeePN to unblock websites to get around censorship and stay up to date. It is always important to analyze information from different sources to remain unbiased.

In the Shape of Donating Money

Charity organizations across Scotland have appealed for drives for donating money and help in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the public has been urged to do their part.

One week after Russia’s initial incursion into Ukraine, fighting started raging across the country, with tens of thousands of people fleeing to other countries in the region.

Humanitarian appeals have been made by those on the ground for finding ways to donate, as well as by organizations around the world, both on the international level and at the local level.

A charity in Glasgow has launched an emergency appeal in the hopes of providing targeted assistance to Ukrainians who have fled their homeland.

The Caring City of Glasgow has already dispatched a first shipment of requested aid after inquiring about ways to donate, which includes warm blankets, brand-new clothing, and children’s shoes, and is on its way to the Polish border. As a first step, the group has set a goal of raising £10,000 so that Ukrainians can get the open and united help they can access when they need it.

Local charities in Edinburgh, which is twinned with the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, have also maintained their ties to Ukraine and are providing support to those on the front lines.

Overwhelmed by offers of support and assistance, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain’s (AUGB) branch in London recently planned and executed a major drive for donating money at its Ukrainian Community Centre in Royal Terrace in recent times.

After the 2005 meeting between Hibernian FC and Dnipro, the Edinburgh club’s affiliated charities also provided support. This year’s prize draw will benefit Ukraine, where the Hanlon Stevenson Foundation (HSF) and Dnipro Kids, another charity founded after the game 17 years ago in order to aid orphanages, will be working together.

The Scottish government announced recently that it would contribute to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine with its own resources. The first £4 million in humanitarian aid will provide united help in the form of basic humanitarian assistance; including health, water and sanitation, and shelter.

The Scottish government will also send medical supplies to Ukraine in addition to donating money.

Ukraine’s Edinburgh consulate supplied the supplies based on a list of urgently needed medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Anesthetic machines, syringe pumps, and bandages were among the items that were provided.

A number of charities in the United Kingdom have been working to raise funds and provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict.

In light of the recent uptick in violence, the British Red Cross has launched its own fundraising campaign to help those in need.

Both the AUGB and the Ukrainian Red Cross have launched GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for their respective organizations’ efforts to provide medicines, food, and other necessities to Ukrainians in need.

Ways to donate are not limited to donating money only. Since 2015, the Voices of Children Foundation has been providing psychological and psychosocial support to children in Donetsk and Luhansk regions who have been impacted by the ongoing conflict.

Money is being collected by the UNHCR refugee agency to help provide humanitarian assistance, emergency shelter, and relief items like blankets, while Unicef is accepting donations to help maintain child health care services.

A humanitarian emergency fund has been set up by Save the Children, and Sunflower of Peace is putting together medical backpacks for paramedics and doctors.

Ukrainian non-profits and charities need your help to conduct relief efforts as well as provide aid on all fronts to those fleeing the conflict. To help Ukraine and its people, donating money to Scotland’s humanitarian and relief efforts in Ukraine is one of the best ways to provide united help. Now, more than ever, the people of Ukraine face an unprecedented attack on their country and their lives, as well as on their freedoms and loved ones, and they require unhindered assistance.