The charity Dads Rock is staging a family day at Tynecastle on 19 June to celebrate their 10th birthday and to have some fun.

The event is open to all and will take place outside on the community pitch. There will be Balloon Modelling, Batman, Bookbug, Dancing, Drumming, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Engineering, Face Painting, Football, Macastory, Music, PlayTalkRead, and Story Telling.

Anyone can book a place for their family on the Dads Rock website here.

The charity has a simple aim – to improve outcomes for children in Scotland to ensure the best start in life by providing support to Dads and families. There are many groups and workshops organised throughout the year teaching dads how to care for their children and also support groups helping with confidence and self-esteem. One of the main groups offers weekly music lessons to dads and children.