With ALFAcoins, merchants have the possibility to make transactions and receive payments with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DSH), Ripple (XRP), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on their websites.

Compared to other payment providers, ALFAcoins has the advantage of offering lower fees in industries such as gambling, betting, gaming, and even eSport – which can be “high risk” for other payment providers. There are also best UK online casino reviews to easily choose a site where you can use this payment processor.

In addition to lower fees, thanks to cryptographic processing, ALFAcoins also guarantees to be a faster and more efficient payment method. Plus, thanks to the usage of cryptocurrencies, users can enjoy complete anonymity – which is welcome in any online industry.

Both merchants and users can receive and transfer all six major cryptocurrencies at no additional cost. Withdrawals themselves can be scheduled according to frequency (daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly) and also according to the desired amount.

About ALFAcoins

ALFAcoins was founded in 2013 as a Bitcoin payment processor, but has since evolved into providing Bitcoin processing services. This is due to the fact that over the years, ALFAcoins has gained the trust and respect of merchants around the world.

Most importantly, ALFAcoins offers a payment service that is 100% secure, feature-rich, and above all modern. This makes it extremely easy for merchants to use the cryptocurrency processing company.

ALFAcoins Wallet and Trading Services

For merchants as well as individual users, ALFAcoins is definitely a recommended choice. The service has a transparent fee structure, which makes it clear what is involved when the wallet is created. 

As soon as users or merchants have their wallets, there are also no fees for internal transfers such as deposits for example at online casinos that accept the cryptocurrencies ALFAcoins allows.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

To integrate ALFAcoins into a website for cryptocurrency transfers, merchants can use IPNs or APIs with a simple payment button. Another solution is the WordPress shopping cart plugin.

When making transactions with a website, ALFAcoins requires a 0.99% commission, which can be charged to the merchant or, if you prefer, to the buyer.

Apart from offering total security in transactions, there is also no possibility of fraud or chargebacks. Also volatility risks are migrated, thanks to the fixed exchange rate for 15 minutes after creating an account.

Getting Started

As soon as you visit the ALFAcoins website, you will notice an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Therefore, creating an account only takes a couple of minutes.

On top of that, what speaks in favor of ALFAcoins is that it has competitive conversion rates, meaning users always have access to the best cryptocurrency conversion offers.

ALFAcoins also has secure storage for the six major cryptocurrencies, protecting accounts with a two-factor authentication process. This requires each user to log into their account for any use of the wallet.

Last but not least, ALFAcoins makes donating cryptocurrencies easy. This multi-currency online wallet collaborates with several organizations, to which users can make donations as they want and when they want.

For donations there are usually fees of 0.5%. However, ALFAcoins customers can easily contact the company to get 0% commissions when donating to non-profit organizations or charities.

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