Primary school children in Corstorphine have come up with their own designs for safer school streets responding to council proposals for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN).

The council is running community engagement sessions until 14 November with an online survey, and the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order consultation which will begin in a few weeks following committee approval in August. Further public sessions took place on 5 November.

The council has already set out its stall to make Edinburgh residents think more about using active travel methods in its City Mobility Plan. This is partly a bid to improve air quality on the way to achieving net zero carbon by 2030. Corstorphine residents have also highlighted the level and speed of the vehicular traffic in the area. The LTN is scheduled to be introduced in Spring 2022 after the ETRO process is undertaken.

(l-r) Lenox, Lily, Ruben and Evan from Carrick Knowe Primary School

Pupils from Carrick Knowe and Corstorphine Primary Schools shared their ideas to help people make low carbon journeys by walking, wheeling or cycling.

Cllr Lesley Macinnes, Transport and Environment Convener, said: “We owe it to future generations to create a city that is healthy, sustainable and safe to move around by foot, wheel or bike. So it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to involve our youngest citizens in the development of Edinburgh’s first LTN – they’ve got some great ideas.

“We’ve seen from neighbourhoods around the world how LTNs can have a really positive impact on travel habits and quieter, more pleasant streets for residents and businesses, so I really look forward to delivering these benefits in Edinburgh.”

ALL PHOTOS Greg Macvean

(l-r) Maya, Noah, Grant, Hamish, Kate and Laila at Corstorphine Primary School
Paintings and drawings by primary school pupils of proposed road designs hanging on school railing
Some of Corstorphine Primary School pupils’ designs
Primary schoolgirl showing her school street design hanging on a street railing
Carrick Knowe Primary School pupil Ruby shows her ideas

Councillor Karen Doran, Transport and Environment Vice Convener, said: “We really want to bring the Corstorphine community with us as we develop this LTN, and we’ve already been listening to ideas and concerns as we move through the process.

“These designs demonstrate the impact the layout of our streets can have an all members of society, young and old, so it’s been really helpful to hear what local school pupils think.”

Dan Jeffs, Senior Urban Designer at Sustrans Scotland, added: “Sustrans has been working closely with Corstorphine Primary School and Carrick Knowe Primary School to identify placemaking measures for spaces immediately outside their schools and within the wider area. These measures will help create safer, more enjoyable and attractive streets and spaces for children and local residents, as well as encourage and promote walking, wheeling and cycling in the area.”

Read more about Corstorphine Connections online and share your views on placemaking designs on the Council’s consultation hub before 14 November.