Well-known East Coast competition angler Chris Empson is organising the East Coast Big Fish match on Sunday, November 21 and it is free to enter.

There is a trophy for the biggest fish and one of the runner-up and the rules are simple, one rod with three hooks as a maximum.

Empson is keen to get as many anglers as possible competing and the meeting place is the ASDA car park at Dunbar from 4.30pm to 5pm where registration will take place. Fishing is from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. Low water is 9.30pm.

There are no boundaries so anglers can fish their favourite marks as long as they are back at the scales which close at 10pm and the 35-year-old joiner said the weather forecast is favourable.

He said: “We’re keeping things simple so people can fish where they like as long as they are back at the scales in time. This gives them a chance to fish their favourite marks. If the match is well attended, he said, then more could be held in future.”

PICTURE: anglers will be hoping to land something like this cod when they fish in the Big Fish match. This one was landed off Eyemouth on an Aquamarine Charters trip