An exhibition of tapestries illustrating the history of Palestine is now open for a week-long festival at St Columba’s by the Castle in Edinburgh.

The Palestinian History Tapestry showcases the traditional embroidery designs used by women for generations to decorate dresses and other items.

Inspired by the Bayeaux Tapestry, the Palestinian women who contributed to the panels have not only had the opportunity to tell the stories of their life and heritage but also to earn an income. Funded by charitable donations and the sale of work, the tapestry was completed in 2018.

Other highlights of the week include the inaugural Edward Said lecture given by writer, historian and political activist Tariq Ali at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 13 October, a photographic exhibition, concerts of oud music and talks.

Andrew Crummy, the illustrator of the Great Tapestry of Scotland will give a talk on the final day of the exhibition.

More details here.

St Columba’s 14 Johnston Terrace Edinburgh EH1 2PW