A book by Colin Robertson and Andrew Hoggan, Bobby Walker This is his Story, has been written to remember the magnificent footballer player, who was regarded by many as one of the best players in Europe during the years of 1896-1913.

The work features the highs and lows of Walker’s playing career with both Hearts and the national side, as well as his retirement and alcohol problems, before his passing in 1930, aged just 51. 

Co-author Colin Robertson said: “While researching Bobby Walker’s career with Hearts we constantly heard that no book had ever been produced. This started a project to research and document Bobby’s life and career. This book has many images which cannot be sourced in modern day publications. It will serve as a tribute and tremendous record for Hearts fans and historians. It will also be appreciated by football historians the world over with its fantastic record of the Bobby Walker era with Hearts and Scotland.”

This is the story of Scotland’s first superstar considered by many to be the finest player in Europe in a distinguished period spanning from 1896 – 1913. He is the only Scottish player to be granted a national testimonia

All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to Hearts Heritage and Museum. 

The book can be purchased here.