Edinburgh Zoo has moved three male horses to the capital from the Highland Wildlife Park where the small bachelor herd will be on display.

These are Przewalski’s horses which were an endangered species, and the wildlife conservation charity has had a successful history with them at Highland Wildlife Park.

Visitors will learn how the species was brought back after becoming extinct in the wild in the 1960s.

Jonathan Appleyard, hoofstock team leader at Edinburgh Zoo, said, “After arriving, our three new boys, Och, Tomor and Kumbish, are settling in to their new home which is just beside our giraffes on the hilltop.

“It is really exciting to introduce our visitors to this amazing species and share the incredible story of Przewalski’s horses being brought back from extinction in the wild following the success of rewilding and reintroduction projects in their native Mongolia.

“This huge feat is directly attributable to the efforts of the zoo community and shows just how important a carefully managed captive population can be for safeguarding threatened wildlife around the world.”

Visitors hoping to spot Och, Tomor and Kumbish in their new home can find out more about visiting the zoo and booking tickets at edinburghzoo.org.uk/we-are-open