The Company Shop Edinburgh may sound almost too good to be true, but MSP for Edinburgh Pentlands, Gordon Macdonald says it is definitely not.

On a visit to the shop which opened last year, Mr Macdonald learned about the membership model which allows members to buy in date surplus stock from maker supermarkets at large discounts.

The shop is one of only two in Scotland which offers discounts of around 50% to their members on any of the products which they sell. The stock comes from M&S, Waitrose and Tesco. This is excess or seasonal stock which the supermarkets can no longer sell in their main stores and which they make available for The Company Shop to stock and sell, rather than the stock going to waste.

The membership only shop is based in the former Tesco near Hailes Quarry Park and introduced 80 new jobs to the area. The shop management is pleased to have been able to support the local community during the pandemic. The shop helps in reducing waste, protecting the planet and also helps families to feed themselves at a reduced cost.

Gordon Macdonald MSP during a visit to the Company Shop

Those who can apply for membership include people in the armed forces, the blue light services and those working in food and retail businesses.   

Gordon MacDonald MSP during his visit

About membership  

  • Company Shop Edinburgh is open to those working in the NHS, emergency services, social care (care homes, hospices) food manufacturing supply chain, British Army and prison services.
  • In order to ensure we are reaching as many individuals and families as possible across the region during the pandemic, we have also extended our membership to families who would typically be eligible for our social supermarket store, Community Shop. Those receiving means-tested benefits are therefore able to join as members, so that they can benefit from products that will be on average 50% off the retail price.     
  • All people need to do to gain their membership is fill in an application form online, at and visit the membership application page. Membership is completely free and lasts a lifetime, so we’re really encouraging anyone eligible to sign up as soon as possible so they can benefit from the offers in store.