A pop-up vaccination clinic will be available for football fans and the general public on Saturday 28 August ahead of the Hibs match against Livingston. The clinic is located at the back of the east stand and is open 12pm-3pm. It will offer all three vaccinations to all those aged 16+, with no appointments being required.

Hibs doctor Duncan Reid has spoken out about the importance of players and fans receiving their vaccine and the positive impact this is already having on the season.

“For clubs up and down the country, the pandemic has been a really challenging time” he explained, “restrictions have had to be navigated, back room staff required to work from home, matches cancelled and games played behind closed doors.

“Thankfully we’re seeing much more of a return to normality, but the impact of COVID has not truly gone away. The risk of positive COVID cases and the impact this can have on squad numbers and match performance is ever present and for me as club doctor, that poses a real challenge.

“Our fans, who have only recently been able to return to matches seem hungrier than ever for good performances and ultimately goals, something which is much more challenging to achieve if players miss training or matches because they need to self-isolate.

“Vaccination for us has made a huge impact. Not only does it reduce the risk of COVID for our players and staff, but it has helped to reduce the level of disruption previously seen when players were identified as close contacts.

“Our players really recognise this, which is why so many have already received their vaccination. They see the positive difference it will have not just on their daily lives, but as a key contributor to their performance week-in-week out at the club.”

Dr Reid, alongside his role at Hibs, joined the army of professionals helping to deliver COVID vaccinations across Lothian and regularly helps out at clinics.

He added, “Supporting the vaccination effort seemed like such an important thing to do and I am honoured to play a role in helping in the fight against the virus.

“NHS Lothian has done a huge amount of work to bring vaccination clinics into the heart of our communities – whether that’s at shopping centres, football matches, or city centre locations.

“While it’s been fantastic to see so many people come forward for their vaccine, there are still many who are yet to receive their jabs.

“I would urge all those yet to get their first dose of the vaccine, or who are now due their second to go along to a clinic. It’s really quick and staff like myself are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

“To all the Hibs fans – I encourage you to look at vaccination as one way that you can help to support the club, ensuring football as we know and love it can continue without any future disruption.”