Curious Seed, one of Scotland’s most innovative dance companies, presents ‘Field – Something For the Future Now’, a durational outdoor dance happening conceived in a physically distant world and presented as part of Edinburgh International Festival on 22 and 29 August.

With the majestic Arthur’s Seat as a backdrop, performers respond to the surrounding landscape and each other: following a series of movement and live sound scores, to dance and rejoice in being together here, now. With enough room for everyone, in the beautiful setting of Holyrood Park, ‘Field’ is an invitation to immerse yourself in this uplifting work and share in a sense of community and celebration.

It is a durational performance that is 4 hours long, audiences are welcome to come and go as they wish during the performance time.

‘Field’ has unfolded through facilitating outdoor practice with dancers from the Edinburgh community and in collaboration with Associate Artists, Karen Tennent and Skye Reynolds. The performance creates space to move and be connected together in a physically distanced environment.

Gathering safely outdoors over the summer, this constantly evolving work is beautiful and uplifting! Playing with space and distance in response to each other, the landscape and the elements to create a series of movement scores which form the framework for the performance.

The ensemble of collaborators and performers includes Alma Lindenhovius, Amy Robertson, Clive Andrews, Dylan Read, Jen Cunningham, Graeme Wilson, Hannah Draper, KJ Clarke-Davis, Marion Kenny, Sky Su and a group from Christine Devaney’s Sunday practice which includes Andrada Dragoescu, Heather Rikic, Kristin Weichen Wong, Emili Astrom, Merav Israel, Monica De Ioanni, Tallulah Molleson.

Curious Seed has also invited two inspiring groups to make a guest appearance during ‘Field’: Dance Base’s PRIME which is Scotland’s first semi-professional dance company for the over 60s and Lyra, also an Edinburgh-based company who makes live performances for and with young people.

Both groups have worked with Curious Seed in the past and the company is excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with them again. Further details on PRIME and Lyra’s involvement in Field will be announced in due course.

On Sunday, 30th August 2020, Curious Seed was able to share this work at the Holyrood Park in Edinburgh over four hours in the afternoon, being one of the few or possibly the only arts performance happening in Edinburgh in August 2020. Framed by some of the city’s most impressive landmarks, the wonderful open space of the park became the stage.

There was room for everyone to be there safely, comfortably and to experience live dance performance happening in Edinburgh, during what would have been Festival time.

‘Field’ will be preformed in Holyrood Park on 22 Aug at 1pm & 29 Aug at 4pm. Both performances are free and un-ticketed.

All images credit – Chih peng Lucas Kao