Amidst the challenges of maintaining safe, secure operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, UK businesses are seeking out new security solutions, including touchless technology. Now, with mobile and cloud-based access control, getting into the workplace can also be a touchless experience. As more UK businesses face increasing safety and compliance demands as they return to work, having the right tools makes a huge difference.

Going touchless with mobile

We use our smartphones for just about everything now. So why are so many businesses still depending on PIN pads and key cards for office security? Many UK businesses are concerned that the newer, cloud-based and mobile options aren’t as secure. However, mobile phones have built-in security features, such as biometrics (FaceID and fingerprint scan), and multi-factor authentication that make sharing mobile-based credentials more difficult. It’s much less likely that an employee will lend their phone to somebody than let them borrow a key card. Plus, mobile credentials can also be touchless.

Openpath, a leading cloud-based access control provider, offers a contactless entry solution for UK businesses with the Wave to Unlock feature. Unlike key cards or PIN codes, using mobile credentials gives users the ability to unlock the door without touching any common reader. With Openpath’s solution, authorized individuals use their mobile phone instead. With Wave to Unlock enabled, users can trigger a secure unlock with a quick wave of their hand in front of the reader. No need to fumble for a key card, or even open an app on their smartphone.

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The Wave to Unlock feature is more convenient than traditional entry methods. It is also a safer option in the post-pandemic workplace. Many UK buildings are turning to touchless entry in order to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols. In a world where touching common surfaces gives people more anxiety, being able to bypass that completely adds value to real estate, and gives people greater peace of mind that their workplace is safe.

But is it reliable? Not all mobile access control systems are. Some providers only use Bluetooth, while others require an active Internet connection to function. When choosing a mobile provider for your Edinburgh business, look for the most reliable solution, so nobody gets locked out. For example, Openpath’s Triple Unlock technology uses wifi, cellular data, and Bluetooth signals, all at the same time. This means a faster unlocking experience, even if there’s an issue with the Internet or cell service is spotty. 

Cloud-based flexibility in the post-pandemic workplace

In today’s post-pandemic office environment, there are more people working flexible and staggered shifts than ever. With a more distributed and hybrid workforce, cyber and physical security needs to be 24/7. Building administrators can’t be driving out to the property at all hours of the day and night just to unlock the door for an employee who left their badge at home. That’s another benefit of cloud-based access control: remote access. With a solution like Openpath, it’s easy to confirm who’s at the property in real-time, and unlock the door on any device, without having to set foot on the property. 

Remote access is also essential for improved monitoring in the post-COVID era. Along with the pendulum swing of social distancing, masking guidelines, and developments in vaccines and variants, workplace needs are bound to change. Remote access to your system allows you to make changes anywhere, at any time. That could mean adjusting access permissions for entire teams or individuals, setting new door schedules to reflect updated business hours, or even setting new occupancy limits for conference rooms. Especially for enterprise and multi-site organisations, this level of control is essential to managing your business amidst constant change.

Flexibility is key to success in the new normal. Future-proof technology keeps your business one step ahead of the next challenge by eliminating inefficiencies. When choosing the right security systems and new workplace tools, it’s essential that they all work together. Open standards and interoperability let teams see a more complete picture of what’s happening in the space for improved management over time. Plus, managing disparate systems takes more time, requires more overhead, and creates redundancies in daily processes. All of that eats into your ROI. Instead, opt for technology that can do more with less investment. 

Where to start with your building security

Need to upgrade your security technology? Top UK fire and security technology provider Kings Secure Technology can help get UK businesses set up with cloud-based and touchless access control. As part of the G-Cloud 12 Framework, Kings is able to provide the highest quality of security and protection for public-sector organisations. The G-Cloud Framework provides organisations the benefit of significant cost-savings on the leading security and business technology systems. Working with a local partner like Kings means you have the support to protect your largest and most important assets. As a certified Openpath partner, the experts at Kings can perform a thorough assessment of your space to recommend the best security solutions for your business.