A call has been put out by Cancer Support UK to anyone who might hold their very own Big Ginger Social to raise money to fund Cancer Kits for people going through cancer treatment.

Throughout the month of September, the charity is encouraging you to host a fresh new fundraising event, raising money for a very important cause: to support people going through cancer treatment. Bring family, friends or work colleagues together and experience absolute deliciousness, all for a good cause.

Why the ginger theme? The charity includes ginger tea bags in our Cancer Kits, as ginger is proven to help offset the nausea that many cancer patients experience. So it’s an ingredient that’s very close to their hearts. Of course, it’s also delicious and can be utilised in so many culinary delights – from ginger cupcakes to ginger mocktails, or even cocktails if you’re feeling particularly spicy. What kind of wonderful ginger goodies will supporters create for their Big Ginger Social?

Each Big Ginger Social will be different, but all donations raised will make a huge difference to the lives of people going through cancer. Every £25 you raise will help the charity to fill a Cancer Kit.

The Cancer Kits are supplied free of charge to anyone undergoing cancer treatment, and they provide much-needed comfort to children and adults having to undergo cancer treatment. The Kits for adults are packed with items to offset some of the unpleasant side effects of treatment, like cold hands and feet, nausea, and sensitive teeth.

Cancer Support UK ‘Kids Kit’

Whilst Kids’ Kits are designed to brighten the days of children living with cancer, containing small toys and colouring sets to help entertain and pass the time in hospital, along with practical items like cosy socks. Each Kit has been designed based on feedback from people who have experienced cancer treatment first-hand.

If you are interested in hosting your own Big Ginger Social, so that more cancer patients can experience what it’s like to receive a Cancer Kit, the free Big Ginger Social fundraising pack gives you all the information you need, whilst providing inspiration, and even ginger-themed recipe ideas too.

Start planning your Big Ginger Social today – visit cancersupportuk.org/ginger to get started.