If you are looking to earn more money for yourself, but you are happy with your job and you are not expecting a significant pay rise anytime soon, you should try starting a side hustle. 

Side hustles are secondary jobs or businesses you set up to bolster your existing income. To be workable, side hustles should not be overly time consuming or taxing, allowing you to continue with your day job without feeling compromised.

There are countless side hustles people use to boost their bank balances and explore their passions, but there is no doubt that there are easier ones to try than others.

If you are bored of your existing routine and want to make more productive use of your free time, then a side hustle could be for you.

Here are the best side hustles to try: 

Consolidate your existing income before turning to a side hustle

One of the chief aims of a side hustle is to earn more money. To this end, you should first examine whether you can make more money from what is already at your disposal.

For instance, you could rent out a property you own, save money on unnecessary membership payments you do not need, or sell a car you never drive. These life hacks will grant you extra cash with minimal effort. See this post at Growing Power for a more complete list of these hacks.

Think about what you are best at, then see if you can monetise it

Once you have saved money in your current routine, you can start looking at additional means of income. The best place to start when deciding which side hustle to try is to consider what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing.

For example, if you have always been great at baking cakes, why not hone your skill and start selling your cakes in the local area. It will not make you a millionaire, but it is certainly better than nothing.

The idea with this type of passion-led side hustle is that you would be doing it anyway, regardless of whether you are paid or not. This will increase the chance of you staying dedicated to a side hustle for a meaningful amount of time, allowing you to increase your skills and build a manageable business.

Copywriting is in demand and relatively fast to learn

One popular side hustle is copywriting. Copywriting – not to be confused with copyright – is salesmanship in print. It is the sales copy you read on billboards, adverts, social media or websites. 

Copywriting is not a skill you can learn overnight, but it is not rocket science either, and with enough practice – such as this guide by Enchanting Marketing – anyone with an interest in writing can become good at it. 

This side hustle is great because there are no start-up fees, you can write anywhere and there are no shortage of businesses looking for sales copy to be written.

Web designing will always be needed, and you can do it anywhere

Another side hustle with plenty of available customers is web design. Everyone needs a website, and if you develop your skills properly, you can easily create a profitable side hustle. 

Like copywriting, you do not need much capital to get started with web design, and as long as you learn how to attract clients, you shouldn’t have much trouble turning it into considerable extra cash.