Scottish Greens co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater will today underline the stakes at this election as they make the final pitch for votes.

The Scottish Greens say they have conducted a positive campaign for a green recovery from the pandemic and urgent action on the climate emergency.

Patrick Harvie said: “The stakes are high at this election. We’ve shown in our campaign that green voters made a real difference to the last five years, and can have a huge impact in the next five years as we face up to the bold decisions needed to tackle the climate emergency.

“We have a positive vision for Scotland. This is the time to take matters into our own hands, to build a Scotland that can lead Europe in tackling the climate emergency. But there is no time to lose. That’s why the time to vote green is now. It’s time to vote like our future depends on it.”

Lorna Slater said: “At this election, our future is at stake. Only the Scottish Greens have produced detailed plans to invest in a new deal for renewable energy, a new deal for workers and a new deal for nature. We can build a new Scotland together, but only if we vote for it.”

Scottish Greens Co-Leaders Patrick Harvie MSP and Lorna Slater out delivering leaflets in Abbeyhill PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter