A team of amateur footballers from an east Edinburgh neighbourhood are seeking a permanent place to call home and are asking the council for help.

The Bingham Athletic Football Club has submitted a bid to The City of Edinburgh Council to take over the lease of the Bingham Pavilion, and are crossing their fingers for a positive result next week.

The Pavillion’s lease is currently held by a private club who have refused to share the facility with the local Bingham lads. But the Bingham team believe that people from the local area should have access to and ownership of this local resource.

 Team manager Reece Taylor said: “The team currently has no access to the Pavilion as the lease is exclusively held by a private football club which charges fees to join. That means we have had to lead quite a nomadic and precarious existence, practising in places that just aren’t fit for purpose.

“As most people know, Bingham is one of the most deprived areas in Scotland, so it isn’t an option for most of these lads to pay membership fees or travel further afield to other areas. By gaining permanent access to the Pavillion, the group will have the opportunity to practice in a proper area and play games which friends, family and the local community can actually attend.”

 “The club is being supported by the Scottish charity Community Renewal who have been active in the area since 2016.

Staff member Cris Thacker explains more: “Everything we do in the neighbourhood starts with listening to what the community of Bingham, Magdalene and The Hays want for their area and then supporting them to achieve those aspirations themselves. We have been working closely with the football club and have assisted them in writing the bid. We will also provide ongoing support, should their bid be successful.”

The bid has also received a massive show of support from Scottish international footballer and former local lad, Mark Mcnulty who added:  “As a budding footballer growing up in Bingham, I know how important it is to have something that is accessible, so, I fully support the bid. I hope that maybe some of these young guys can go on to have the career I have enjoyed.”

 Reece, Cris and all the team now have their fingers crossed that the tender will be awarded in their favour.