At the Torrance Gallery on Dundas Street they have a short exhibition of Peter Lo paintings of explorer Robert Swan OBE which will run from 22 May to 5 June 2021.

Peter Lo has worked with Robert Swan OBE and has created a stunning collection of paintings which will be exclusively exhibited at the gallery. Swan is the only person to have walked to both Poles, and is a commanding and entertaining public speaker.

Robert Swan and his son Barney Perseverance – Father and Son SPEC Expedition Painting oil on canvas by Peter Lo Images courtesy of Torrance Gallery

The 2041 Foundation was set up by Robert Swan to protect and sustain the polar regions and a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of the paintings will be paid to the 2041 Foundation.

Penguins – paintings oil on canvas by Peter Lo Images courtesy of Torrance Gallery

Swan and his son Barney undertook the South Pole Energy Challenge with zero carbon goals, using only renewable energy. The explorers contacted Ardgowan Distillery whose engineers produced an innovative snow melter to provide drinking water for the team members which used only solar energy. The distillery in return offered Swan some whisky to take on his 2018 expedition. The whisky returned from the South Pole and was used in a unique blend called Ardgowan Expedition.

More details of the upcoming exhibition here.