Greens propose new ferry links to Europe

The Scottish Greens have promised to establish new ferry links to Europe offering low carbon alternatives for both passengers and freight.

Working with Calmac, the party aims to create publicly-owned services travelling to continental Europe from ports such as Rosyth, which used to have Scotland’s only direct ferry link to continental Europe until about a decade ago.

Brexit caused significant tail backs at English ports, while new ferry routes are being established between Ireland and Europe.

As well as establishing new links from Scotland, establishing new routes would provide an alternative to flying.

Lorna Slater, Scottish Greens Co-Leader Photo: © 2021 Martin P. McAdam

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “Scotland’s journey back to Europe starts at this election, and the Scottish Greens want to see new links established from places like Rosyth, which has the advantage of already having infrastructure in place.

“This is a significant strategic investment for Scotland. Brexit has shown we need more links to Europe, with tailbacks at English ports. And we have a publicly-owned operator ready to step up to give Scots more opportunities to get to Europe without having to fly.

“I see Scotland being at the forefront of Europe’s plans to tackle the climate emergency, and new low-carbon ferries carrying freight and holidaymakers to the continent would be a great start.”