If you have a look at Edinburgh Collected you will be transported back only a year to the beginning of the pandemic with pictures and memories of the impact of this time on all our lives.

It was on Monday 23 March 2020 when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the people of the UK must Stay at Home. Apart from those working in essential key industries and services, people stayed at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Schools, community centres, libraries, museums and galleries in Edinburgh had already closed during the previous week.

The public were permitted to leave home only to shop for essentials, to get medical assistance, to provide help or care for a vulnerable person or to take daily exercise.

The Edinburgh Collected scrapbook records the impact of this time in the city, from deserted streets and closed signs to the little acts of creativity and messages of thanks and positivity that began to appear.

Will o’ the Wisp added this photo of Victoria Park closed to all during the early days of the pandemic to the scrapbook.
Staff at the Green Practice Stockbridge decorated the windows of the surgery.